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Jade Project

Jade is a commercial term referring to the minerals Jadeite and Nephrite. In BC Jade is in the form of Nephirite which is a calcium-magnesium-iron based mineral Nephrite has a microcrystalline, interlocking matrix making it exceptionally hard, historically it was used by the First Nations in BC as tools, knives and for ornamental purposes. Nephrite is known as the “Stone of Heaven” and is culturally significant in many countries, especially China.

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Graphite Project

Information for this project will be available soon...

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Monster Lake Project - Click Here For Map

The company is pleased to report that it has acquired by staking via GESTIM, 638 Hectares of ground located 7km East of TomaGold Corp., (TSX.V-LOT), and Quinto Real Capital Corp., (TSX.V-QIT) Monster Lake project. Gestim clearly shows the same package of mafic volcanics, volcanoclastites, tonalities, diorite and quartzite occurring on the acquired ground as is identified on both the Tomagold and Quinto Real Monster Lake projects...

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New Iron Range (Gold Ledge) - Click Here For Map

The Gold Ledge Zone consists of a 41m drift and a 14m cross-cut along the Alki Fault. The drift traverses sheared Middle Proterozoic argillaceous quartzite of the Alderidge Formation containing numerous quartz stringers. The cross-cut exposes 2.4m of quartz filled breccia and 7.6m of fractured quartz. Arsenopyrite, galena and pyrite are present. Siderite occurs in the gangue. A selected sample yielded more than 34 g/tonne gold (Geological survey of Canada Memoir 228)...

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Apple Bay (PEM100)

Electra Gold Ltd. has entered into exclusive agreements, under which it has acquired industrial mineral and metal rights to one mining lease and a surrounding block of contiguous mineral claims lying southwest of the town of Port Hardy on northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The total area convered is about 1,900 ha...

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Suquash Coal Project - Click Here For Map

The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing an option agreement dated May 16, 2008, between Electra Gold Ltd. and Hanam Canada Marketing Corp. whereby the company will acquire the rights to obtain coal licences covering the Suquash coal field...

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Lang Bay Project

Electra's Lang Bay project is located 15km southeast of Powell River, B.C. It consists of 32 wholly owned mineral claims convering 800 hectares (approximately 2,000 acres)...

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Golden Ridge Project - Click Here For Map

The Company is pleased to announce that it has optioned the “Golden Ridge Project” (formerly the Hot Spring Claims or Quet Property) comprising 6 mineral claims situated in the North Harrison (Sloquet Creek) Area of British Columbia from Everton Resources Inc....

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